b'CURRICULUMCOURSE CONTENTINCLUDES:Career DevelopmentFundamentals Health Science Essentials(includes CPR certification exam!)Pharmacy PracticeDosage Calculation Therapeutics and Medical Safety Externship (200 hours;gain practice in an actual pharmacy setting!) 1 As a Pharmacy Technician,some of your daily tasks may include measuring and Capstone and Certification dispensing prescription medications, maintaining Preparation (prepare forpatient profiles, handling insurance claims, taking Pharmacy Technicianinventory, and performing various administrative certification exam!)duties in the pharmaceutical practice.The type of work may vary based on your location. Pharmacy Technicians can work in retail outlets, rehabilitation centers, hospitals or community pharmacy settings. Since the pharmaceutical industry changes frequently, the ability to keep up-to-date with new prescriptions and potential issues is essential to being successful. Other important assets include good communication skills, working well with the public and assisting patients on a daily basis. Remington Colleges Pharmacy Technician program can help you on the path to a new career in the healthcare field. 2Must meet minimum GPA requirements for externship program.1 Certain restrictions may apply.Employment not guaranteed for students or graduates.2 State licensing or certification may be required.800-392-1908 | remingtoncollege.edu'