b'CURRICULUMCOURSE CONTENTINCLUDES:Introduction to BusinessDocument ProcessingIntroduction to Management Choose the training that Computerized works for you!Our program covers theSpreadsheets fundamentals of business administration with the added benefit Business Law of targeted coursework in Bookkeeping, Marketing and Sales, or Personnel Management Executive Assistant tracks.Business Portfolio Our specialized programs provide general business knowledgeCareer Development and skills with a focus of one of three distinct areas of study: BookkeepingExecutive AssistantMarketing and SalesA career in Bookkeeping may include organizing financial records, creating budgets and preparing tax returns. Executive Accountants manage office duties and serve as an important liaisons between staff and clients. Marketing and Sales careers include a spectrum of opportunities, from conducting market research and implementing campaigns to boosting sales and increasing a companys return-on-investment.Remington Colleges Business Administration Triple Track degree can help prepare you for various positions with independent businesses, public corporations and non-profit sectors. 11 Employment not guaranteed for students or graduates.800-392-1908 | remingtoncollege.edu'