b'CURRICULUMCOURSE CONTENTINCLUDES:Dental Hygiene Theory Dental Hygiene Practice Oral and Dental Anatomy Oral Radiology Dental Materials Dental Pharmacology Periodontics General and Oral PathologyAnxiety and Pain Control As a Dental Hygienist,youPrevention and may work in a dental office to provide important and necessary oral health care for patients. Your routine Health Promotion role as a Dental Hygienist may include determining disease risk, formulating treatment plans, and educating patients on proper oral hygiene and care. Hands-on tasks include making impressions and casts, creating temporary crowns, taking dental x-rays, administering local anesthetics, and more.Dental Hygienists are essential members in most dental practices. The care provided by a skilled Dental Hygienist helps people improve their health and quality of life by enhancing overall tooth and gum care. The ability to communicate well with patients while performing a number of relevant tasks is essential to your success as a Dental Hygienist.If you like working with people and have a passion for oral health, Remington Colleges Dental Hygiene degree program may help open up the door to a career in the dental field. 11 Employment not guaranteed for students or graduates. State licensure may be required.800-392-1908 | remingtoncollege.edu'