b'CURRICULUMCOURSE CONTENTINCLUDES:Fundamentals of MedicalOffice AdministrationHealthcare BusinessManagement Structure and Function of the Human BodyLaw, Ethics, and MedicalRecordsFundamentals of PracticeManagementIntroduction to Coding As a Medical OfficeBasic Medical CodingAdministration graduate, Applications you may work in locations such as hospitals, clinics, Medical Terminology nursing homes, medical supply businesses, home health agencies, and general offices. Though most Medical Office Administration professionals execute similar job responsibilities, your day-to-day role will depend on your particular workplace environment.Medical Administrative Assistants often answer phone calls, schedule appointments, communicate with insurance companies, communicate test results, order medical supplies, update patient records, and more. Specific jobs in this healthcare field include medical administrative assistant, medical billing specialist, collections clerk, or patient services representative.With Remington Colleges diploma program in Medical Office Administration, students will be able to study the fundamentals of medical office administration, healthcare practices, medical terminology, and the basics ofmedical coding. 11 Employment not guaranteed for students or graduates.800-392-1908 | remingtoncollege.edu'