b'REAL HELP TO MAKE COLLEGE MORE AFFORDABLE.Grants/Other Scholarshipsschool at least half-time, for the first months after you These monetary awards are available to qualifyingleave school, or during a period of deferment, and the students and generally dont have to be paid back.unsubsidized loan, which you start owing interest on Grants are offered by the U.S. government (Federalonce the loan is disbursed to your student account.Pell Grants), and many states also have grant andCertain qualifications apply.scholarship programs. Certain qualifications apply. Private loans may also be available to you through local Loansbanks, credit unions, or other student loan providers.Long-term loans (offered either by the U.S. governmentOther Resources or by lenders receiving government guarantees)If youre currently working, your employer may offer generally have low-interest rates.Loans must be repaid,tuition assistance. If youre a veteran or an active and theyre generally scheduled to be repaid over tenmember of the military, you may be eligible for tuition years or more. assistance and other GI Bill benefits, too. 2You typically dont start making loan payments untilWe know its easy to feel overwhelmed by all this, but about six months after you leave school (whether or notthats where we come in. Well help you wade through you graduate). the language, the process, and the paperwork of Different types of loans include the subsidized loan,financial aid, so you dont have to go at it alone.which doesnt charge you interest while you are in 1 Financial aid available for those who qualify.2 VA benefits available for those that qualify. 800-392-1908 | remingtoncollege.edu'