b'CURRICULUMCOURSE CONTENTINCLUDES:Career DevelopmentFundamentals Health Science Essentials(includes CPR certification exam)Patient Care andCommunication Medical LaboratoryProcedures Cardiac SpecialtyProceduresMedical Assistantswith X-ray Radiographic Imaging Tech training often perform various clinical and Externship (160 hours;administrative duties in a healthcare setting. Dailygain practice in an actualtasks include taking patient medical history, answering medical setting) 1 questions, working with insurance and billing, and assisting in the use of specialized radiological imaging Capstone and Certification equipment and technology.Preparation (prepare for the CCMA exam) Those in this field may work in a variety of settings, including hospitals, clinics, or physicians offices. At Remington College, you can get the hands-on training and clinical experience you may need for a career in healthcare as a Medical Assistant with X-Ray Tech. 2Must meet minimum GPA requirements to qualify for externship program. Certain 1 Restrictions may apply.Employment not guaranteed for students or graduates. State certification/ licensure may 2 be required. This program should not be confused with an x-ray technologist program.800-392-1908 | remingtoncollege.edu'